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Leachate treatment systems

We are the only Portuguese manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis technology applied to leachate treatment.


AST supplies services according to each client's needs. From technical assistance, training, maintenance, and equipment operation.


We have a mobile equipment rental service to meet various flows and possible peak production rates.

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Industrial water, leachate or wastewater. Clarify your questions about our solutions
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The company AST

Founded in 2008, AST produces and supplies technological solutions for various
purification and treatment levels of water and effluents, especially the leachate
treatment through membrane technology.
Our team is made up of multidisciplinary professionals who are highly qualified and
have more than 25 years of experience in the sector.
Tratamento de Lixiviado por Osmose Inversa

Leaders in leachate treatment with reverse osmosis

Our main area of activity is the leachate treatment of waste, and we are leaders in the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. We are the only Portuguese manufacturer of treatment systems using the reverse osmosis process.
Leachate is a highly contaminating effluent produced in landfills, resulting from waste decomposition and rain precipitation to which the deposited mass is exposed.
It is a very complex mixture with high concentrations of salts and other organic and inorganic substances. Due to the composition and the variation of flow rates, this type of effluent can't use conventional treatment systems.
Watch the video and find out more about our membrane system for leachate treatment.


From technical support to the supply of parts and chemical products, you can rely on our services to guarantee your equipment's better performance.


We have a mobile equipment rental service to meet various flows and possible peak production rates. This service includes products, parts, maintenance, and assisted operation, thus minimizing the customer's performance. As each case is different, each consultation is analysed and treated individually. The customer has on its side the guarantee of a complete service provided by a team of professionals.
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