More Than 25 Years

Initiating our business with reverse osmosis systems for landfill leachate treatment, AST is today one of the world-leading companies in this field, using advanced membrane technology.

AST is a solution provider specialized in treating complex waters and effluents and develops and builds compact turnkey, fully automatized plants, integrating specific ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and biological systems.

Our vast range of available technologies allows multiple process combinations to fulfil our clients’ goals and to comply with the most stringent and increasing requirements regarding quality, safety, economy, and environmental standards. 

Our team is multidisciplinary, highly qualified and driven by a commitment to a better environment and customer satisfaction. Our team is our best asset!

We offer products and services integrating innovative and state-of-the-art solutions with AST quality brands.

We have successfully carried out numerous projects in the industry and public sectors worldwide and developed solutions for various types of water and wastewater.

Customized Solutions
Technical Excellence
Integrated Solutions
Continuous Innovation


To be recognized at the national and international level as a competent company with high-quality products, offering the most viable, reliable and innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment and perfectly adapted to individual customer needs. To expand our know-how beyond borders, always focussing on the observation and analysis of the market and the development trends.

Social Responsibility

Water is an essential element of life, but access to potable water is not available to everyone. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, billions of people worldwide lack access to water, sanitation and hygiene. Thus, we think it is our special duty to participate actively in this cause, donating mobile water purification units to be installed in regions in greatest need.

What We Do

AST mainly uses membrane technology to produce and operate specific water and wastewater treatment systems.

We offer you a turn-key solution! In most cases, to make transport more accessible and for installation and operation simplicity, our systems are assembled in skids, trailers, or maritime containers. All systems are delivered pre-commissioned and tested in our factory, reducing the start-up time in the customer’s facilities.

Being an OEM company, we have stock of parts and consumables needed for operating our plants and are always available for our customers.

We provide financing and rental solutions that allow us to offer our partners the ideal solution for carrying out their projects.

To ensure our customer’s satisfaction and the best performance of our systems, we follow all its life cycle, providing technical support services, remote control, evaluation, process optimization, maintenance, and operation.

Our treatment solutions have a strong background in several research and development projects done in recent years, and AST develops intensive cooperation with many universities and research institutions.

AST offers the following products and services:

• Plants for water potabilization and wastewater treatment using membrane technology

• Membrane bioreactors for municipal and industrial effluent treatment

• Water for reuse production

• Treatment of groundwater and wastewater contaminated with PFAs

• Retrofit of existing plants

• Membrane plants operation

• Membrane plants rental

• After sales services

• Maintenance and repair services

• Supply of membranes, spare parts, chemicals and consumables