Industrial Water

AST provides industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions for all demands and to help industries to become more circular.

Industrial wastewater contains a myriad of substances that originated in different industrial processes. AST delivers tailor-made, proven and sustainable solutions using:

  • Membrane filtration with ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis
  • Biological treatment with MBR technology

In the case of membrane bioreactors, depending on the application, membranes can either be placed in an external loop to the bioreactor or be submerged in the bioreactor itself.

AST also provides plug & play designed plants and pre-assembled vital components to comply with fast construction and start-up industry demands.

Also, for water treatment to be used in an industrial process, we have state-of-the-art technology to deal with it.

AST plants, designed and built in our factory, enable the treatment of different types of industrial waters from the following areas:

  • Food industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Brewery industry
  • Sugar and distillery industry
  • Soft drinks industry
  • Meat and seafood industry
  • Aquaculture industry
  • Waste industry
  • Textile, dyeing & laundry industry
  • Pulp & paper industry
  • Chemicals & cosmetic industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Petrochemical & oil and gas industry
  • Agriculture
  • Automobile industry
  • Mining industry
  • Metallurgy industry