Potable Water

Mobile ultrafiltration systems for water purification

Sistemas móveis de Ultrafiltração para potabilização de água
To meet the environmental requirements and the intense demand for potable water worldwide, we offer an innovative line of water purification units by membranes.
High mobility and fast access to potable water, especially in areas with difficult accessibility, is one of the main advantages of the AST mobile units for water purification.
We offer pre-mounted systems ready for operation. The units with a lower capacity are mounted on lightweight trailers or on frameworks that allow easy transport by light vehicles.
Larger systems are pre-mounted in racks or installed in a container.
Everything is designed to enable a fast solution locally and to quickly overcome the lack of potable water. For this reason, we have simplified the transport, the start-up, and the operation.
AST units are designed to allow easy installation and continuous operation. The operation and maintenance of these units are easy.

The two lines are mainly applied for the following:

- Water purification from water holes, wells, dams, and rivers (even if polluted) and other resources

- Desalination of sea and brackish water. We also offer operation and maintenance contracts for the AST units, upon the customer’s request.

Nanofiltration Systems

Sistemas de Osmose Inversa

Reverse Osmosis Systems

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